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What should I do when my horse is booked for surgery?

The hospital sees outpatients by appointment on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Elective surgeries are performed on Tuesdays and Fridays. Should you wish to be seen as an outpatient, please email our reception to book an Appointment or contact us by telephone (909 628 5545).


If your horse has been booked in for surgery on a Tuesday or Friday, please bring them into the hospital on the day before.


For Surgery on Tuesday, Drop your horse off on Monday


For Surgery on Friday, Drop your horse off on Thursday


Please aim to drop your horse off during working day hours, between 10:30am to 8pm. If you are unable to arrive at the hospital during these hours, please contact our reception to inform them what time would be suitable. Should you wish, you may drop your horse off for surgery several days in advance of its' appointment, although hospital charges may apply for the increased period of boarding prior to surgery.


When you drop your horse off, please remember we use a one way system for traffic at the hospital. Please see the map below for instructions. If you wish you to leave your trailer with us, again this can be arranged if you contact our reception in advance. Please inform the reception when you arrive, prior to unloading your horse. You will be required to fill out a registration form and a credit card authorization form. These can be filled out at the hospital, or if you wish to save time, you may download the forms from our downloads section. Please then either email us the completed form or bring them with you to the hospital.


Horses for elective surgeries are normally kept in the hospital for 24 hours to ensure their are no complications. Prior to surgery, an intravenous catheter is place in the jugular vein (neck), in a small, clipped patch. This is normally removed shortly after your horse recovers. Typically, you may collect your horse 24 hours after the surgery, once you have spoken to your surgeon who will have cleared your horse to be discharged after 10:30am.



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