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Previous Interns

1989 Buechner-Maxwell, Virginia   Marion Dupont Equine Medical Center, Medicine ACVIM Associate professor, Virginia Tech
1990 Himenes, Manny Colorado   ABVP Private Practice
1990 Swinebroad, Eric Virginia Oregon Surgical Fellowship, Medicine Residency Texas  A&M ACVIM Private Referral Practice
1991 Zaruby, Jeff Canada OVC Surgery ACVS Unites States Surgical
1991 Yarborough, Tom   University of California, Surgery  ACVS Private Surgical Practice
1992 St. Peter, Nancy   University of Florida, surgery   Georgetown Equine Hospital
1992 Harp, Oliver Germany      
1992 Harrington, Robert Washington     Private Practice
1993 Klohnen, Andreas NJ Wisconsin, surgery ACVS Private Surgical Practice
1993 Schilling, Elizabeth CA     Private Practice
1994 Posnikoff, Janice Canada     Private Practice
1994 Peroni, John Italy Michigan State University, surgery ACVS University of Georgia, Associate professor
1994 Rach, Katherine Germany     Private Practice
1995 Meinert, Lori Illinois     Private Practice
1995 Gallo, Eugenia Spain     Research in Spain
1996 Valdez, Sandra Mexico University of California, Surgery ACVS Private Surgical Practice
1996 Gilbert, Fred France     Private Practice
1997 Latino, Dominic Italy     Private Practice Owner in Italy
1997 Logiduce, Sabrina Italy     Private Practice Owner in Italy
1997 Der Vartanian, Merle US     Private Practice California
1997 Belsito, Kerri Mass.     Private Practice Owner in Colorado
1998 Peavey, Christina Illinois Wisconsin, surgery ACVS Private Surgical Practice
1998 Salles, Enric Spain     Research in Spain
1999 Ernst, Nicolas Chile University of Florida, surgery ACVS Associate professor, University of Minnesota
1999 Bauer, Sandra Canada Wisconsin, surgery ACVS Private Surgical Practice
1999 Desrochers, Anne Canada University of Pennsylvania, internal medicine ACVIM Assistant professor, Marion Dupont Medical Center
2000 Ausset, German Chile     Private Practice
2000 Rosanas, Gemma Spain     Private Practice
2000 Barrera, Alex Mexico     Mexican Army Veterinarian
2001 Sogaro, Christina Italy Ohio State University, Medicine ACVIM  
2001 Richter, Sara ND     Private Practice
2001 Rabling, Isaac Mexico     Mexican Army Veterinarian
2001 Casas, Nuria England     Private Practice
2002 Harvey-Micay, Jayme Canada     Private Practice
2003 Gonzalez, Marta Spain Washington State University, medicine    
2003 Taraba, Keith US     Private Practice 
2003 Lores, Marcos Spain Prince Edward Island, surgery ACVS  
2004 Pierce, Rebecca Utah University of Tennessee, surgery ACVS  
2004 Quinteros, Diego Argentina Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine ACVS Tufts School of Veterninary Medicine
2004 Hotwanger, Karin Austria     Private Practice
2005 Rojman, Yair Argentina University of Missouri    
2005 Panizzi, Luca Italy Saskatoon, surgery ACVS  
2005 Perrier, Melanie France University of Wisconsin, surgery ACVS  
2005 Snyder, Amy NY Louisiana State University, theriogenology residency Private Practice
2005 Boyce, Mary Colorado University of Minnesota, surgery ACVS  
2006 Linke, Rebecca NJ     Private Practice
2006 Vitorino, Tome Portugal     Private Practice
2006 Duque, Diego Columbia     Private Surgical Practice
2006 Videlo, Ricardo Argentina University of Tennessee, medicine ACVIM University of Ten
2006 Thery, Alberic France     Private Practice
2006 Hinz, Antje Germany Residency, Chino Valley Equine ACVS Small Animal Private Practice
2007 Martin, Maria Spain     Private Practice
2007 Villarino, Nicolas Argentina University of Tennessee, pharmacology PhD    
2007 Rodriquez, Jacobo Argentina University of Washington,  theriogenology ACT  
2007 Escobar, Veronica Columbia     Private Practice
2008 Garcia, Santiago Mexico Michigan State University, medicine    
2008 Fitzgerald, Megan Illinois     Private Practice in canada
2008 Bischofberger, Andrea Switzerland Surgery residency in Sydney, Australia ACVS  
2008 McCracken, Megan Florida University of Missouri, Surgical residency ACVS Private Practice in Washington 
2008 Sonis, Jenny Mass. Colorado State University, Medicine Residency   Fellowship in Private Practice
2008 Raffetto, Jenny Maryland Marion Dupont Equine Medical Center, Surgery and CVEH   Private Practice Australia
2008 Whitchurch, Frank Missouri     Pirvate Practice
2009 Bryn Moser California private practise, owner   Private Practice owner
2009 Maud De la garde France Medicne residency in Monteal    
2009 Arabella Duttka Austria Surgery residency in Vienna    
2009 Adam Biedrzyck England Surgery residency University of Wisconsin    
2009 Alenka Schwerdt Austria     Private Practice
2009 Bea Buechler Germany     Private Practice
2010 Sergio Solis Mexico     Private Practice
2010 Michaela Sanz Argentina     Private Practice
2010 Allison Hillmer Georgia     Private Practice
2010 Lois Yu California   owner, pvt practice
2011 Amanda Dolgins California 2nd internship at the University of Missouri   Private Practice in Pennsylvania
2011 Amy Fousek Kansas   Private Practice
2011 Joy Tomlinson California Medicine residency at the University of Pennsylvania    
2011 Valeria Albanase Italy surgery residency at Auburn University    
2012 Jessica von Scoyc Florida     Race Track Practice in Florida
2012 Jamie Fiege Minnesota     Private Practice in Colorado
2012 Charlotte Hatch Virginia     Private Practice
2012 Elizabeth Cypher California     Internship in New Zealand













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